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About Rising Heart Healing, LLC.

Lisa L. Burtraw is the owner of Rising Heart Healing, LLC. and is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Wedding Officiant in Eugene, Oregon.

In addition to having years of experience as a Healing Practitioner, trained and licensed as a Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Reflexologist, Shamanic Healer, and Chiropractic Assistant, she also officiates many different types of customized ceremonies primarily as a Wedding Officiant, Ceremonial Designer & Writer, integrating her healing abilities to create moments of sacredness & deep meaning.

Lisa has been offering her services as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994. She focuses on total healing, by releasing pain and tension, allowing deep relaxation and a blissful sense of joy. She is experienced in site-specific massage targeting specific injuries caused from all types of accidents and physical abnormalities which cause pain and discomfort in the body. She began studying CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute in 1998, and has held a CA license since 2006. Lisa offers Shamanic healing; people come for shamanic healing for a wide variety of reasons and conditions, and through receiving can gain a greater sense of who they are, and how they can connect more fully with themselves, life, nature and those around them.

Lisa’s life is devoted to spiritual growth and awareness, seeking the highest vibration of heart energy and raising the heart vibration of the planet. Assisting others to become more present in their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, she is a conduit for change, helping those who are seeking transformation from their old self into their new self, from their pain body into a feeling of freedom in their body. Raising consciousness levels through inner and outer healing touch is a gift she offers to her community.

She offers her services at two locations; in Eugene near campus in the Historical Wilcox Building and in Veneta, at the Dodeca Art Center; a short drive in the country side on sacred land. Artistic ranch style amenities include a luxurious sauna equipped with shower and claw foot bath tub as well as peaceful walks that lead right onto the grounds of the Oregon Country Fair.

As a Healing Practitioner, she creates moments of sacredness and meaning within customized ceremonies. As a Wedding Officiant, Ceremonial Planner, Designer, Writer and Ordained Minister since 1998, she performs and writes customized wedding ceremonies, as well as all Rite of Passages.

Minister’s Statement

Being a romantic by nature, it brings forth to me great pleasure to participate in helping you to create your wedding and assist you in this rite of passage. This ceremony signifies an outward sharing of your commitment with each other, your family, friends and community, and will create new bonds & connections, which will expand your worlds and those of all whom you will affect.

Transforming your commitment to each other will bring you into new directions in life, opening new doors of opportunities, experiences, and expand your worlds into a larger family community. It fills me with emotion to be the chosen one to share the moment that gets captured in time, to be your close up witness, as you take your, “first kiss,” and experience the feelings of your love that spreads out of your beings by way of osmosis.

Other than ministering ceremonies, I provide services as a Licensed Massage Therapist, offering CranioSacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, spa treatments, health and nutrition, reflexotherapy of the feet, and shamanic & spiritual healing. By the encouragement of friends, I have been offering my services as a wedding officiate since, 1998. I conduct rite-of-passages, funerals and celebrations of life, as well as most other ceremonies upon request. I listen to your vision of your special event and co-create with you a ceremony and event that incorporates all the components that will be fitting and perfect for you. It is an honor and a blessing to be a part of your special day. I’m very open-minded and welcome all people and persuasions to attend any ceremony I am conducting. I look forward to creating precious moments with you.

I dance in the rhythm of ‘both worlds’ simultaneously, experiencing and coexisting with the unseen, and live fully in the presence with my gratitude for the gift and opportunity to be experiencing my life in this physical human body.”

-Lisa L. Burtraw