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About Rising Heart Healing, LLC.

Lisa L. Burtraw is the owner of Rising Heart, and has been a Wedding Officiant, Ceremonial Planner, Designer, Writer, and Ordained Minister since 1998. When she is not presiding over nuptials, she is helping people find relief as a skilled massage therapist since 1994. Massage can help you relax, get back into balance, step back, and get refreshed and energized so you can reintegrate back to a productive and healthy life. Learn more about our Massage Therapy, Spa Services, and Shamanic Healing services below.

Ceremonial Services


Your ceremony can be any way you dream it to be. We have the gifts of planning, writing and officiating beautifully unique and meaningful ceremonies.


We help you customize, design, and carry out the plan of your ceremony. We can write a ceremony that is unique and meaningful to you, with any components you feel fitting.

Open Minded

Non Religious, Traditional, Alternative, Gay Weddings, we "do" them all.

Will Travel

We are willing to be flown or travel globally and/or remotely, as long as our travel expenses are covered.


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Massage Therapy

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of Rising Heart Healing, LLC, Lisa L. Burtraw has over 20 years experience providing relief from injuries, sore and achy muscles and joints, and physical disorders.

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Spa Services

Rejuvenate your energy, restore your health and bring yourself back into a truly youthful state. Rising Heart Healing, LLC. offers revolutionary facial and body galvonic spa treatments.

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual knowledge and direct practice of healing known to humanity, restoring harmony and balance, by addressing the spiritual origin of imbalance and illness in the world.

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