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Wedding Officiants

Our Officiants are highly skilled Ceremonial Ministers and Designers, whom have many years of experience.  They are heart centered diverse healers, who offer a holistic approach to their ministering, utilizing all their skills with compassion and warmth.

Passionate and devoted, they bring forth a refreshing approach to a new world model of ministry services in a truly meaningful way.  Transforming from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Believing that each unique situation be met with an open heart and mind, they offer a refreshing genuine approach to ministering which honors, legitimizes and recognizes the sacred in us all.

Meet Our Wedding Officiants

Rev. Lisa L. Burtraw
Rev. Lisa L. Burtraw*

Rev. Lisa L. Burtraw

Ordained in 1998 through the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregation, and Hearth of the Dancing Drum, Lisa L. Burtraw is a Spiritual Healer, Ceremonial Officiant, Planner, Designer, Writer and Minister. She performs and writes customized unique Wedding ceremonies, as well as all Rite of Passages, integrating her healing abilities to create moments of deep sacredness & meaning.

Minister’s Statement ~ Finding love, discovering your life partner and committing in marriage, is a very special gift, and it brings me great pleasure to help support you in your journey to seal your commitment by being a guide and witness as your officiant. I am honored to be the one to help create your wedding ceremony and assist you to create an unforgettable event.

Rev. Kenneth Cater

Rev. Kenneth Cater

Astrological Wedding Services

“Take care of the beginnings and the endings, the middles take care of themselves.”

Astrology Wedding Services: couples counseling, date selection, officiating your wedding.

1. Selecting the most auspicious date and time for the beginning of your new adventure based on thousands of years of astrological wisdom, to support communication, understanding and durability.

2. Astrological readings to examine the energies operating between the partners: the attractions and the challenges, the needs and the gifts each brings to the relationship.

3. Collaboration in crafting a unique ceremony appropriate to your life paths and spiritual needs.

4. Ceremonial wedding officiant.

Rev. Kenneth Cater combines “Inner Compass Astrology” with ministering, since 1982. He is an intuitive Sufi mystic, skilled in the dynamics of personal relationships, clarify timing of important decisions, counseling people of all ages to help clarify their strengths, talents and challenges, crisis management in relationships, work and spiritual direction, and can offer an overview of the upcoming year to anticipate changes in all areas of life. With nearly 35 years of experience, he integrates astrology with all ceremonies, as a clear guide.

For your wedding, Kenneth not only acts on your behalf as officiant, but also integrates his astrology skills to create a meaningful written ceremony filled with ritual specific to you, based on your vision, specific birth charts and personal dynamics of all concerned and involved in your ceremony. Date and time of your ceremony can also be important considerations that he can help you with, as well as pre- and post- marital realationship counseling.

Please inquire with Kenneth regarding his astrology counseling fees, which are separate from the officiant fees.

Rev. Le Alan

Rev. Le Alan
Rev. Le Alan

Since obtaining ceremonial ministers license and certification in 1992, it has been my privilege to participate in and witness the bonding power of love shared by people of all ethics and faiths in the ancient tradition of marriage.

Listen to your heart and choose life partners wisely is the admiration I offer. As a ceremonial minister, registered nurse (RN), Counselor (MA), health educator (PHD), and Shamanic Practitioner of the healing arts.

The circle of life is woven of colored threads of light reflecting choices made with every breath exchanged in the vibrant world of living energy. What a value!

From legal registration to validation of family bonding, spiritual communion or initiation of community witness and celebration, the purposes of marriage are many and varied.

Creative wedding ceremonies, therefore, are offered which best harmonize with your lifestyle, values and vision you may have for life together. Ceremony can be elegantly simple or as expressively expansive, as you wish.

Above all, however, let it be a seal of faith and trust in yourself, of one another and of what you together may offer to life!

Rev. Barb Ryan

Rev. Barb Ryan
Rev. Barb Ryan

I absolutely love to officiate weddings. To celebrate with a couple, their friends and their family, that they are making vows to be together.

When I first came out as a lesbian 40 years ago when I was in my 20s. I had the thought that I’d probably be in my 60s by the time gay marriage was legal. Well I’m in my 60s now and LGBTQA folks can choose to get legally married. I am thrilled that this is now possible. My favorite weddings to officiateare ones where a couple has been together 20 to 50 years and can now get legally wed.
Spiraling toward joy!

Barb has been leading Happiness Workshops and classes throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2010. Prior to that, for 25 years has been a counselor in private practice in Eugene, Oregon. Barb offers pre- and post- marital couples counseling.

*Rev. Lisa L. Burtraw’s photo courtesy of Shanti Noreika at Casual Glamour Photography