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Clients are saying…

“Lisa’s massages are like no other; she has strong, knowing hands that work wonders for stress relief and encouraging the body’s ability to heal itself from injury. I also appreciate that she maintains a serene and sacred space for her massages and other healing services. The room is always warm and the table is very comfortable. With Lisa’s shamanic work she has also helped me find power within myself I did not know I had. It was a desperate time for me when I lost my cat – he was missing for nine days – before returning home. Lisa’s shamanic tools helped me realize that I was not helpless during that time, and that, in fact, I could reach out and show him the way back home. Thank you, Lisa, you are an amazing healer. You bless us all with your touch.”
-Jeff Foster, D.C.

“In August of 2014 I went to Lisa Burtraw to begin treatment for acute pain caused by Degenerative Disc Disease and Cervical and Thoracic Radiculitis. My level of pain was reduced substantially and my range of motion improved significantly upon my first visit. Her abilities as an intuitive and empathic Massage Therapist continue to amaze me! She is also very proficient with ear coning. After my ear coning session I noticed right away that my hearing had improved slightly, and my thinking had also become more clear. Lisa is also an experienced and very accomplished Shamanic Healer. She has helped me to reconnect with my spirit guides and has also helped me with restoring my personal power. Lisa Burtraw is a caring and gentle but powerful healer. I highly recommend her!”
-R. J. Herb

“Lisa, provided such a beautiful ceremony for my daughters wedding. She met with her and her fiance before the wedding. She was so helpful to provide them with different ideas of what they could include in the ceremony, which was very helpful. She attended the rehearsal an gave the wedding party instructions and stayed as long as we needed her there. She arrived early to the wedding and did a fantastic job. Lisa has a calmness about her. I highly recommend her.”

“Lisa was very flexible and positive throughout our preparations and ceremony. She brought great energy to the event and wonderful ideas on writing our own vows. We are grateful.”

“Lisa really helped me when I came down with Bell’s palsey. She did lymphatic massage and used the Galvonic Spa on my face & neck. I had regular treatment with a rx and told that the condition usually lasted three to four weeks. Under Lisa’s care with in a week my face looked more normal. Lisa is amazing!”
-Annette T.

“I’ve been a client of Lisa’s for several years and really appreciate her deep pressure massage technique. My neck, shoulders, and back often cramp up from working long hours at the computer, but one or two sessions with Lisa always brings relief. Lisa also cares about the longer term wellness of her clients. More recently, I’ve been seeing Lisa regularly, and I’ve found this has greatly improved my overall well-being.”

“Every good massage therapist must have an understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy and human movement, but Lisa’s knowledge in these areas is complemented by an amazing talent to “tune in” to her clients, find their trouble spots, and work them out. In addition, she often recommends simple exercises or stretches that help reduce or even prevent future problems. Lisa’s calm, relaxing presence puts her clients at ease in her warm and comfortable space.”

“Lisa Burtraw is a professional, talented, and caring massage therapist, and I highly recommend her.”
-Steve H.

“My experience with Lisa was incredible and is still with me and helping me as I’ve moved forward with life. The recording she made of the journey she did for me in her beautiful voice was amazing. She provided me with tools that I’ve used over and over again in my life. Would recommend the journey to anyone.”
-Shanti N.

“My wife and I have both been going to Lisa for massages for many years. Lisa combines a peaceful and soothing environment with a very thorough massage. Her skill at being able to find and work on the problem area is amazing. Her massages aren’t just “feel good” massages but really help your body recuperate. This is usually to deal with the aches and pains of life – thrown out back, stiff neck, sore legs. However one time I had a serious fall on the stairs and injured my back. I couldn’t walk without crutches and it took months of rehab to correct my back and pelvis. Lisa worked in conjunction with my physical therapist in a very professional manner and I eventually made a full recovery. It was during this that I realized how much Lisa knew about physiology and anatomy and how much that matters in a good massage therapist. Thank you Lisa!”

“Her skills are awesome. Mindful. Nurturing. Kind, connective spirit. Healing. Thank you.”

“What a wonderful human being! I am the luckiest massage therapist patient in the whole universe! Thank you so much!”
– Ty K.

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