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Spa Services

Rejuvenate your energy, restore your health and bring yourself back into a truly youthful state. You can receive treatments with the spa services offered, combined with the supporting through high quality nutrients that will show rapid changes to your appearance and life force, as well as receive information on how to create spa with your own home.

We no longer need to believe we will grow old and age as our grandparents, or even our parents. Turn your old belief into new beliefs that can serve you well. The effects of premature aging which we have already allowed to take place can be turned around. Erase any of the old ideas of aging you may have and replace your belief system with what scientists have proven to truly restore your cellular body back to a youthful state. Optimize your health and longevity through use of the galvanic spa, nutritional supplementation.


Exclusive interview with Lisa L. Burtraw

Thanks to Thumbtack

Do you want to relax that tired muscle or relieve that chronic pain? Rising Heart Healing provides integrated massage therapy that promotes healing. Clients come due to different reasons and conditions, and they all go home with relief and comfort.

What do you love about your job?

I love helping people and make a difference in people’s lives through genuine and meaningful ways and through healing and ceremony work. It is very inspiring to see lives transform and blossom!

What or who inspired you to start your own business?

It is in my whole being to be devoted to a path of healing for myself and all the others around me. Through healing, we develop love and internal awareness. With these, we can all go forward and heal the world in our genuine ways.