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Shamanic Healing

Life is in a constant flux of change. Whether you are feeling life changing on you, or you are making a conscious effort to change, the time is now. Through shamanic healing and massage, Rising Heart Healing, LLC. can help you let the light shine in your heart, so you can attain your fullest potential as a creative being. We offer deep soul healing to release your past, intuitive practical guidance to inform your present, and compassionate grounding support as you design your future. Create an abundant and healthy mind, body and spirit, with thriving, loving and healthy connections with yourself, your family, children, animal friends & others which upon you effect.

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. offers Shamanic healing for those suffering and struggling with their own life’s journey and for those experiencing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. People come for shamanic healing for a wide variety of reasons and conditions.

They may be suffering from, chronic physical conditions, depression, addictions, phobias, bereavement, mental and emotional turmoil from life’s traumas, relationship problems, or aware that something is missing, and feel disassociated from life and a sense of who they are, and are looking to find a way of reconnecting with life and themselves. Through receiving Shamanic Healing those in need can gain a greater sense of who they are, and how they can connect more fully with themselves, life, nature and those around them.

Travel for Healing

Under certain situations, Rising Heart Healing, LLC. is willing to travel to a remote location. Those circumstances are primarily for those who are in hospice, in a hospital situation, or experiencing a disability. We will consider traveling to someone’s home, but prefer most of the sessions in the studio. Travel rates apply.

Please consider the extra time needed for ceremonies at a distance, which are beyond a 20-minute drive from downtown Eugene or Veneta.

~Gift Certificates available for all of our services~

Travel Rates: $50.00 per hour / $200.00 for half day / $400.00 for full day.

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Powerful toning invocation by Ascension Ambassador Astarius Miraculii

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual knowledge and direct practice of healing known to humanity, restoring harmony and balance, by addressing the spiritual origin of imbalance and illness in the world. Shamanism recognizes that ‘everything’ is alive and holds consciousness, that Spirit communicates with us continually, and that all life is implicitly connected and sacred.

There is resurgence in the practice of shamanism; many are recognizing the wisdom it holds, and its time- tested ability to bring about profound healing. Reconnecting the mind, body, and spirit to fully embrace being human, and live life enriched by the deeper knowledge of one’s own authentic self and spirit.

Drumming Circle
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“Lisa’s massages are like no other; she has strong, knowing hands that work wonders for stress relief and encouraging the body’s ability to heal itself from injury. I also appreciate that she maintains a serene and sacred space for her massages and other healing services. The room is always warm and the table is very comfortable. With Lisa’s shamanic work she has also helped me find power within myself I did not know I had. It was a desperate time for me when I lost my cat – he was missing for nine days – before returning home. Lisa’s shamanic tools helped me realize that I was not helpless during that time, and that, in fact, I could reach out and show him the way back home. Thank you, Lisa, you are an amazing healer. You bless us all with your touch.”
-Jeff Foster, D.C.

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