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The Sacred Wedding


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The, “Sacred,” Wedding

We offer a ceremony and will meet you at your location of choice, and perform a meaningful ceremony for $275.00. This service may be the alternative that helps you meet your budget and still create a lovely memories.

To cater to your personal needs, you have a choice of either: A) Customized written ceremony or B) Full traditional rehearsal with your choice of date and time (*We not only officiate, but also coordinate your entire Wedding Rehearsal.)

For the ceremony, no matter if your choice is to have us write a customize ceremony, or if you simply want to have us put a lovely ceremony together that has the appearance of being customized, your ceremony will be beautiful and meaningful, and will include an additional ceremony element of your choice such as sand, wine or hand fasting, etc.  The end result will be sacred, meaningful and reflect you as a couple, always upon your final approval.

We will provide the vows, unless you choose to present your own; to ease your mind, we will include your vows into the ceremony and have you repeat after me unless you choose otherwise.

As for the rehearsal, we can either show up an hour early for a quick run through, or we can do choice (B) a Full Rehearsal.  Either way we guide you through the rehearsal step by step to help ease your mind.

We participate as officiate as well as guide the entire wedding party through the procession, ceremony and recession, giving you peace of mind, and letting you focus on the real meaning of your union.

Then we will supervise the signing of your documents and send you off for a legal life of matrimony with your beloved. We will handle filing it with the state and will save a copy as a backup for your access, if ever needed in the future.


Early arrival and support for the couple and their family & friends

  • Choose either A) Customized written ceremony or B) Full traditional rehearsal
  • If choosing B) Rehearsal – We will officiate your ceremony, and also direct the procession/recession.  We will go through as many practice runs as needed with your wedding party and honored guests. This includes prelude, processional, recessional, where to stand (spacing), how to stand (etiquette), responsibilities, and timing coordination with music.
  • Ceremony and Reception Direction – We will coordinate your entire event from guest arrival through the grand exit.
  • conduction of ceremonial preparations at location of your choice.
  • Coordinating with the wedding planner
  • Coordinate with photographers
  • Coordinate with DJ or Musicians
  • Color coordinating minister’s outfit
  • Blue Tooth Sound System rental included, if needed
  • Share our lists of unique and favorite local service providers with you

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