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The “I Still Do!” Impromptu Recommitment Ceremony


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The, “I Still Do!” Impromptu Recommitment Ceremony

Short and Simple! The, “I Still Do!” Impromptu Recommitment Ceremony is simpler and shorter than more traditional ceremonies. You bring a certificate that you wish to be signed, along with any extra effects, including a special poem or song. You can either include vows, which we can supply if needed, or we can simply sign your certificate.

Without all the frills of extras for $130.00, we will meet you at your location of choice, and perform a special and meaningful ceremony. Simplicity has a beauty of its own, and this simple impromptu style recommitment ceremony may be the alternative that helps you meet your budget, keep it simple and still create a lovely memory.

We sign any documents you wish for us to sign, and send you off for a recommited life of matrimony with your beloved!

Travel fees may apply.

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