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The “I Do” Impromptu Union Ceremony



The, “I Do,” Impromptu Union Ceremony

Short and Simple! The, “I Do,” Impromptu Ceremony is simpler and shorter than more traditional ceremonies. You bring the marriage certificate, two witnesses, and any effects you wish, including a poem or song. You can either include vows, which we can supply if needed, or we can simply sign your certificate.

Without all the frills of extras, for $150.00, we will meet you at your location of choice, and perform a special and meaningful ceremony. Simplicity has a beauty of its own, and this simple, quick elopement styled ceremony may be the alternative that helps you meet your budget, keep it simple and still create a lovely memory.

We supervise, sign and file your documents with the State, and keep a copy on hold as a backup for you in case you ever need it in the future, and send you off for a legal life of matrimony with your beloved!

Travel fees may apply.

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