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Shamanic Retrieval CranioSacral Healing


30 Minutes $50.00
45 Minutes $60.00
60 Minutes $75.00
75 Minutes $85.00
90 Minutes $105.00
120 Minutes $150.00

Please choose your desired session length.


~What to expect~

This is Soul Work.  During the session, as I channel via Shamanic journey, I hold CranioSacral points.  I quickly tap in and receive distinct visions, messages and information, which I will relay and describe to you as they come.  I will share with you what I see and hear in full detail, acting as a medium for you with many levels of the spirit world, and can sometimes help you communicate and heal with the recently deceased.  I often see and hear things instantly and in great detail, and I will relay advice and suggestions of things you can do that will help you in your process of healing for your life’s journey.

We can start by talking; it can be helpful for me to hear your questions and concerns, and to understand what your needs and intentions are for the session, although it is not always necessary for you to tell me before we begin, as we can also go into the session to see what comes up for you, without expressing or consciously knowing what your needs and inquiries are.  Either way, you will gain invaluable information.

I will treat you seated or have you recline on the massage table, then I will proceed to help shift you into an altered space of deep relaxation.  Although not necessary for me to do bodywork in order to receive information from the spirits, I will gently place my hands on you, and offer healing to you through touch – massage, CranioSacral Therapy and the variety of other techniques I use.

During this time, you may ask questions, receive answers and communicate with the spirits. I recommend that you document your experience in writing shortly afterwards while the information is fresh, so that you can clearly reflect on your experience at a later date when desired.

Afterwards, I usually recommend taking meditative time in nature.

We hold memories in different parts of our bodies, and those parts may be associated with the issues of the Chakras and stuck energies.  Massaging the body and holding points can help to reawaken parts of you that have been dormant. By simply connecting with you, I can easily tap into dimensions and bring back invaluable information for you from helping spirits and the spirit world that can help heal, shift, shape and rejuvenate your life in positive and genuine ways.