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Shamanic Counseling


Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic counseling brings together ancient healing methods with modern technology, where the shamanic practitioner counsels the client on how to work with what are known as the true counselors:  Their tutelary spirits.  The central purpose of shamanic counseling is to establish the relationship between the client and her/his spirit teachers and power animals. In this way, the client becomes the “shaman” for him/herself.  The spirit teachers, the true counselors, are then asked for guidance in resolving the present issue the client brings to the session.  The shamanic counselor is there as the teacher of the journeying method and to empower the client to learn to interpret the symbolic language of her/his own journeys.  The shamanic counselor can also journey with the client on his/her behalf.  Facilitated and supported by me during the process, which typically takes place over seven sessions.  You learn to journey safely and begin to understand how spirit communicates with you, and build on your own relationship and guidance from spirit, that results in understanding and trusting the wisdom revealed.

Who is Shamanic Counseling appropriate for?

Shamanic counseling is best suited for individuals who want and have identified that they are ready to address important issues in their lives that cause personal suffering.  Shamanic counseling is great for individuals who want to receive, healing, direction and wisdom from their own tutelary spirits, and honor the guidance, wisdom and healing received –by incorporating it in their life, which returns to an individual a personal deeper connection with Spirit.

If you are considering shamanic counseling you need to ask yourself if you are really committed and open to change.

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