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Romantically Dreamy Recommitment Ceremony


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Has your marriage been Magically Dreamy?  Would you like to refresh your commitment to resurge the magic? Renewing your vows to each other through ceremony can be romantic, refreshing and energizing to your relationship. It can help remind you of what had originally brought you together, and what continues to keep you at each other’s sides, where you have been and where you are going, focusing on your future together and bringing forth a presence of awareness and freshness to your love for each other as you continue to walk in life together. It is a time for you to express how you feel about your spouse and the magnitude and strength of the enduring love you have.  Bring your handwritten vows, and include a story, memory or poetry that truly conveys your heart’s expressions for each other.

You can bring meaningful tokens of love to exchange at this time and include into the ceremony, pick out new rings, or have your original rings engraved with something new, such as a symbol or date of the renewal. And we will take you on a journey through a magical and meaningful ceremony that will include poetry and prayer as well as one of the following Unity Candle, Wine, Rose or Family Union rituals, and will consider ceremonial participation by family and friends through readings and song. This will be a sacred ceremony that can become a tradition for you. We bring the flowers or roses, champagne or non alcoholic bubbly, chocolates and music. I can take care of having your moments captured on digital photos and video, which can be emailed to you so you can share them with your friends and family. We will leave you with a beautiful Vow Renewal Certificate that you can mark your event with.

For all this, we offer this Romantic Recommitment package for only, $250.00.

If you choose, I can arrange for live music to accompany your ceremony at an additional fee of $50.00 – $100.00.

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