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Rental – Wireless Sound System with Microphone


Sound System Rental

Portable Powered Bluetooth Amplifier and Speaker System

The all-in-one TransActive Wireless complete PA system. Portable, easy to move and use. Simple single-button pairing allows instant audio streaming from any Bluetooth device. It has a variety of inputs to accommodate almost any source—microphone, guitar, keyboard, computer, drum machine, CD or MP3 player—whatever you need. You can use this TransActive Wireless during the ceremony, to make your voice heard, to play music, before or during the ceremony, or during the reception and party. It is versatile, and is both battery- and wall- powered, and delivers up to 50 hours of cordless amplification. You can also plug it in to an AC outlet for unlimited performance time. So, you can use this system wherever you decide to have your ceremony, even in situations where there no electricity. You’ll spend less time setting up, and more time enjoying your ceremony.