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Remote Healing and Empowerment


Distance healing
Compassionate spirits are happy to assist you and will avail themselves to you no matter where you are at the time. They are not bounded by constraints of either time or space, for this reason, long distance healing can be effective. Some of us may have difficulty acknowledging the power of long distance healing work. The following is a set of guidelines to prepare you for your long distance session:

Advance preparation; write down a list of questions and issues you would like help with. Communicate these to me via phone, Skype or e-mail as you set up your appointment.
Make an appointment for the healing work just as if you were going to be there.
At the appointment time, call for a discussion of what needs to change. This may last between five and fifteen minutes.

Although it is ideal to sit quietly through the session, which is about an hour, it is not essential. Your conscious attention is one way of helping your ego to accept that work has been done on your behalf.

Lisa will do a diagnostic journey to learn what the spirits believe is the best course of action.
Then she will journey to do the work they suggest, often the treatment you requested – but sometimes a different course. The spirits know what is best for you and help you accordingly. Lisa will record the journey on a Digital Voice Recorder, capturing the messages the spirits give for you to hear. She will describe the work performed and give you follow up exercises to make sure the power, “sticks”. This may include doing brief meditations daily, checking inside yourself to feel the spirits she retrieved and asking them for help and wisdom. Or it may include a “prescription” from the spirits, such as getting more sleep, improving your diet, visualizing healing in your body, etc. (Please – think of shamanic work as a complement to modern medicine, not as a substitute).

I often continue getting a download of information after the sessions are over, and I will relay the information by emailing it to you.

After the session she will send the recording over the internet to your mailbox. The recording will relay the information from the shamanic work along with any recommendations.
When you receive the recording, listen to it in a quiet space. You may have noticed changes in yourself already.