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Qi Gong – Whole Body Brain Healing, weekly classes


GOLDEN ELIXIR CHI KUNG INSTITUTE “Custom designed Whole Body Brain Healing Chi Kung,” Chinese Medical Rejuvenation System, Pure Powerful Formless Internal Kung Fu. $10/class on Wednesdays 12-1PM. Where: Lambs Cottage in Skinner's Butte Park, 130 Cheshire Avenue Eugene OR 97401. About: Our focus is to support you in cultivating creativity and cognitive enhancement through your own self-cultivation practice. By understanding the theory and method of these ancient techniques and practicing consistently, you will promote optimal health resulting in greater well-being. You will dramatically increase core strength, overall vitality, coordination and flexibility. New students are welcome to join any time during the duration of our class offerings. Additional class times available, please inquire. Upon request with a, “Train-the-Trainer,” focus for healing practitioners, CEU's can be offered to LMT's & DC's. Take 10 classes and get one complimentary class.



Golden Elixir Chi Kung Institute Weekly Class

Chinese Medical Healing System – Formless Internal Kung Fu
Class Training Focused on Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

~Qi is the internal life energy of the body~

Cultivate Qi Gong, as a daily practice for optimal healing.

Through your training you will gain the ability to cultivate the techniques, theory and practice confidently. With dedication, practicing these ancient techniques will create optimal health, and  promote and cultivate your own healing.

Weekly Wednesday classes 2015

Whole Body Brain Healing Qi Gong is based on Chinese Medical Theory. Discover the path to greater health, vitality and healing. Learn to develop your own practice of this ancient art of internal energy cultivation for self healing. Use the techniques, theory and practice to heal and optimize your own health.

This is an art and a method of cultivating the Qi to fully open the internal energy meridians of the body, which unites the energy of the individual with the energy of nature.

Integrate Qi Gong into your life as a daily practice to increase your vitality, and promote optimal health and healing within yourself as a health care practitioner.

Learn how to take better care of yourself through developing skills in Qi Gong. Qi Gong will improve your healing abilities. By developing these skills, you can enjoy increased health, vitality, and your personal longevity.

Learn to generate a free flow of Qi within your body and your hands. These ancient and simple methods will enable you to unite the energy of your body with the Qi of nature.

Results & Benefits of Golden Elixir Qi Gong:

• Qi Gong is well known for successfully reversing chronic health conditions, which don’t respond to normal western medical approaches. It can also greatly improve immune function, and lower the amount of prescription medication which is used.
• Results in better circulation, better sleep, clarity of mind, benefits brain function, brain health optimization, performance and chemistry, slowing of aging, and regenerating organ health.
• Greatly reduces and may substantially improve depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress, insomnia, poor digestion, regulates blood pressure, relieves chronic pain – spine, back and joint injuries.
• Create a deepening relaxation.
• Increases your intuition and energetic awareness, by balancing the fire and water, the yin and the yang elements of the body.
• Opens the energy meridians of the body to gain the ability to heal yourself and your patients.
• Each individual is unique, and will experience different healing benefits based on the regularity and consistency of their own daily practice.
• Experienced yoga, tai chi, meditation and martial arts practitioners can greatly benefit by adding Qi Gong to their personal mind, body art.

What you can expect:
This program emphasizes direct experience as the most effective means of personal growth.
• Personal and individualized training. You will learn how to correctly practice the postures.
• Lecture and discussions on the Philosophy of Qi Gong.
• Individualized instruction on standing, moving, sleeping, sitting and walking qi gong will be taught.
• Optional CEU hours are available by viewing the films, “The Lost Secret of Immortality,” and/or, “Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters,” which illustrate the philosophy and show examples of the training. There is an additional opportunity to write an essay and be able to discuss your experience during class time with teacher, director/producer/writer Barclay Powers. The films are slightly under 90 minutes each.
• Dream yoga instruction.
• Homework for the week: keeping a log of daily practice and experience based on a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour per day on your own during the week; you will get out of it what you put in. Then bring your results back to share in class in the form of essay and open discussion.
• Bring water, binders and pens to the classes. The goal of this class is to enable the practitioner to develop their own lifelong healing and energetic practice.
• Certificates will be handed out at the end of the last scheduled class.

Suggested Reading and Film Viewing:

Both films were filmed in Asia and have won Best Documentary Awards.

READ “The Lost Secret of Immortality”

WATCH “The Lost Secret of Immortality” on YouTube

BUY “The Lost Secret of Immortality”

RENT “The Lost Secret of Immortality”

For more information on the book and film, go to www.lostsecretofimmortality.com.



WINTER Classes – Early Registration ends November 20
Registration and tuition payments can be made at risingheart.net, or contact Lisa Burtraw directly 541-349-0202 or email lisa@risingheart.net.

Dates: Ongoing Wednesdays, 2015 /12-1PM

Lambs Cottage 130 Cheshire Avenue, Eugene OR 97401, downtown Eugene
*From enrollment until the program ends, students will be able to receive training and support by talking directly with Barclay Powers and Lisa Burtraw.

Tuition: $10 per class

Advanced Reservations required. Tuition is to be paid in full at each class training.

SPACE IS LIMITED. Register early to reserve your space.  Questions? Send us an email.  Prospective students are welcome to speak with a member of our faculty.  Barclay Powers’s barclay@goldenelixirproductions.com or Lisa Burtraw at lisa@risingheart.net or (541) 349-0202.