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Full Service Recommitment Ceremonies, Retirement /Anniversary Parties & Special Events


Full Service Recommitment Ceremonies, Retirement/Anniversary Parties & Special Events

Full Service Care. We offer a customized and personalized Special Event Planning Package, going a step beyond to create an amazing, unique and unforgettable experience.

To get started creating your personalized ceremony, you’ll fill out a Questionnaire. The information you provide will help us design and write a unique and personalized ceremony for you.

After you sign the contract agreement, sent via email, and pay the full amount* we’ve agreed upon, we will begin the process of securing your event location along with the other services required to plan your event; plans may be available upon request for divided payments.  Each vendor you hire, (caterer, florist, photographer, etc.) should have their own contract.

As well as writing, organizing and officiating the ceremony, we take the burden of making all the arrangements. We help you choose and set up the venue by making the calls and connections for you. We will hire and organize the musicians, performers, caterers, photographers, along with any other specialty services you desire, including designing and sending out your invitations, or choosing costumes or specialty clothing to complete your theme.  

You can choose to pay their additional fees either as we go, after securing the initial fees stated below, or by securing an average estimated amount of, $6,000 up to $10,000, (event styles, budget and fee requirements may be variable), as a retainer for us to handle direct payment in order to secure the specialty services you request and require, along with the venue.

We are at your service, and together we will keep channels of communication open as we go on this journey together of co-creating.  If outsourced expenses need to go beyond what you secure initially, we will communicate closely and proceed at your desired discretion.  We listen to what you need, and will design the whole event, as well as set up and secure the extra professional services for you.  We want you to be very pleased with your event, of which you and your guests will look back and hold the memories as special moments in your lives;  as we understand the importance of high standards of quality service.  You will ultimately have the final say before we securely purchase and contract on your behalf, the individual specialty services and venue, unless we are otherwise instructed.

Our fee to provide this service starts at $750.00, which includes 10 hours of our time, but does not include the fees required to secure the individual specialty services necessary to orchestrate your event.  We will secure these outsourced specialty services on your behalf after we have received funds from you to do so, which are stated above.  Often, arranging special events take additional time beyond our initial 10 hours;  therefore, an additional $125.00 per hour will be billed to you and paid by you as necessary as the event planning and ceremonial arrangements progress.

Included in this service:

* Review of Ceremony Planning Questionnaire.
* Consultations via phone, email, Skype, and in person.
* Recommitment ceremony & event planning for a customized ceremony.
* Sound system equipment rental included, if needed.
* Rehearsal at date and location of your choice.
* Coordination and conduction of ceremonial preparations at the location of your choice, providing support for the couple, family & friends.
* Early arrival and support for the couple and their family & friends on day of ceremony.
* Supervising the signing, and handling of the recommitment certificate.

Travel rates outside of the Eugene area apply.

All final decisions are based upon your approval.

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to set up a free consultation so we can discuss your ideas and how we can help you over a cup of coffee or tea. If you decide to hire us, we’ll ask you to sign an individualized contract and pay the required fees to begin our process.  That’s it!