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Spa Services

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  • Galvonic Spa Lymphatic Body Stomache Treatments


    $35.00 per half hour

  • Galvonic Spa Lymphatic Body Arm Treatments


    $35.00 per half hour.

  • Galvonic Spa Lymphatic Body Stomache and Buttocks Treatments


    $50.00 for 45 minutes or pre-pay for a package of 6, and get 2 complementary for, $300. Save $100!

  • 4347 Facila Treatments

    Galvonic Spa Lymphatic Facial Treatments


    Relax and enjoy a pampering lymphatic facial spa treatment. Take years off the appearance of your face, the lines, puffiness, redness, dark circles under the eyes. This treatment is a preventative as well as reversing the effects of aging. Restructure your skin without surgery, by re patterning the cells, through use of the galvanic spa. Return and restore your face back to a youthful state of condition.

    This revitalizing anti aging lymph drainage treatment reverses the effects of premature aging, restores healthy tissue & focuses on fine lines, puffiness, and discoloration & acne issues with vital moisturizing nutrients. It helps to relieve pressure which can be great for those with allergies, sinus problems, & headaches. It is a delight! This treatment dramatically improves skin radiance, tone, smoothness & youthfulness.

    A friend with a melanoma was able to make her new scar disappear. And, another friend I treated for Bells Palsy onset, and within only a few days all her symptoms were gone. I also treated my face after an onset of intense swelling around my eyes, and it relieved my swelling within a few days, when before it took a couple weeks to get back to normal.

    Ask me how to set up your own galvanic facial spa at home.

    Group rates $50 per person Individual rates $60 per person

    Pre-pay for 3 visits and complementary receive the 4th
    Pre-pay for 6 visits and complementary receive 2 more

  • Galvonic Spa Lymphatic Body Legs and Thigh Treatment


    $60.00 for 45 minutes.

  • Galvonic Spa Body Legs, Thighs, Buttocks and Stomache Treatment


    1 hr 15 minute session for $75.00, or pre-pay for a package of six sessions, and get two complementary sessions for $360.00.  Save $200!

  • The Ultimate Pedicure

    Galvonic Spa Lymphatic Foot Treatments


    The Ultimate Pedicure with Combined Foot Reflexology!

    Experience relaxation by pampering yourself by receiving the ultimate pedicure combined with reflexotherapy of the feet. By using the galvanic spa to drive deep the targeted herbal therapeutic formulas of the Epoch line into the different areas of the feet and legs to restore your dry or cracked skin back to a healthy subtle state. Then by experiencing reflexotherapy of the feet to address all the systems of your body, you will heal your feet and slip into a deep restorative relaxing state of consciousness.

    Session lasts 1 hr 30 minutes.