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Massage Therapy

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of Rising Heart Healing, LLC, Lisa L. Burtraw has over 25 years experience providing relief from injuries, sore and achy muscles and joints, and physical disorders, specializing in rehabilitation physical medicine massage.

Lisa is skilled at site-specific massages to address specific injuries from motor vehicle as well as other types of accidents and physical abnormalities that cause pain and discomfort in the body. She is trained in prenatal massage, deep tissue, CranioSacral Therapy and Foot Reflexology as well as other modalities.  She integrates hydrotherapy, hot/cold stone treatments, cupping, and Gau Sha treatments, as well as Shamanic Healing into her sessions.

She targets TMJ, scoliosis and many other common specific problems. She also offers massages that are specifically for relaxation and comfort, and recommends regular treatments a preventative maintenance for your overall health and vitality.  With years of mindfulness, meditation, and Taoist movement training, she offers her patients simple ways to integrate these skills and bring balance into their daily lives.

No matter if you have been injured, have chronic pain, or just need to relax and let go, give yourself the care and healing you need through massage. You can receive deep soul healing through massage, as well as relief of pain. Releasing, re-training and re-patterning using a variety of techniques depending upon your present needs.

~Gift Certificates are available for any of our Services~

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. is available to meet your needs from gentle, nurturing, to deep or structural.

Read the Professional Vision Statement which explains the code of ethics we use with all our patients.

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. offers a discount for hospice patients.  For the 5th session, receive an hour free of charge.

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. works with (MVA’s) Motor Vehicle Accident patients and will bill insurance when possible.

Researchers have found what happens to muscles when a masseuse/masseur goes to work on them… Learn more.

Studies show that receiving a massage increases mental capacity and improves performance.  Athletes, who receive a massage prior to their physical activity, improve their endurance and speed by at least 20%.  Students who receive massage prior to their examinations, increase their mental capacity, resulting in higher test scores.  Not only will a good massage help reduce your pain and discomfort, but, in addition it induces a deeper calm within, resulting in centering and clarity.  As a skilled massage therapist, Rising Heart Healing, LLC. can help reduce your stress by affecting the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and repose). Massage can help you relax, get back into balance, step back, and get refreshed and energized so you can reintegrate back to a productive and healthy life.

Payments Accepted

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Rehabilitation Physical Medical Massage with MD. Prescription Referral

60 minutes: $165.00 – Motor Vehicle Accident Patients
Clinical Treatment length may extend up to 30 minutes longer, depending upon need

90 minutes: $247.50

120 minutes: $330.00

Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificates are available upon request.

Therapeutic Massage

Cash discounts apply.  Price depends upon length of session: $50.00 – $150.00.  Please refer to full description stated in above Therapeutic Massage service.

Travel for Healing

Under certain situations, Rising Heart Healing, LLC. is willing to travel to a remote location. Those circumstances are primarily for special events and for those who are in hospice, in a hospital situation, or experiencing a disability. We will consider traveling to someone’s home, but prefer having most of the sessions in the studio. Travel rates apply.

Please consider the extra time needed for ceremonies at a distance, which are beyond a 20-minute drive from downtown Eugene or Veneta.

Travel Rates: $50.00 per hour / $200.00 for half day / $400.00 for full day.


Current days and times available: Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm.

Two Locations

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. is located in downtown Eugene, at the Historical Wilcox Building next to the Bijou Theater, in the University District at 492 East 13th Avenue #208, in Eugene, and also at the Dodeca Art Farm’s – Wellness Center located at 24524 Suttle Road, in Veneta.

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Links to Descriptions of Techniques Used:

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)
Myofascial Trigger Point
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Prenatal Massage/
Cupping Therapy
Gua Sha
Stone Massage