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Funeral Services

sweet and simple funeral services Celebrating the Life of a Loved One

If you came to this page because someone close to you has died or will soon, we offer you our deepest condolences.

In planning a celebration-of-life ceremony, you have two priorities: get the word out and try to establish a basic plan for the service.

We want to help you create a funeral or memorial service in a way and place that is right for you – a ceremony that shows – as it really was – his or her life. A Celebration of Life Funeral can be a way for you to deliver a tribute which will honor that special life that was theirs which was shared with you.

Our aim is that this ceremony brings light into a sad time, and helps to connect and heal the community who gather to remember.

How it Works:

We have several amazing officiants to choose from!  View pictures and read bio’s, then decide which minister you like best.  Our ministers will travel! (travel fees apply).

Then, email or call to find out who is available for your date. Talk via phone, text or online chat (the contact information is located at the top and bottom of our site). If you are able to, the minister would love to meet with you in person for about 30 minutes to discuss your wedding ceremony and logistics, and to hear your visions and understand how they can be of service. Please check out our unique questionnaire designed to help you think about your ceremony. We ask that you look it over, fill it out and bring it to your meeting, or simply use it as a helpful tool.

You decide which service works best for you!  Together we will design and orchestrate an unforgettable ceremony!

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The person, or animal companion you have lost, is the one and only that ever was or will be again. And the Celebration of Life will show that. As a funeral celebrant, we can help create what you want – whether traditional, outdoors, on the water, a mountain or backyard, in a chapel, living room or large venue.

Together we’ll uncover what lay at the heart of this life. We’ll decide on readings, music and important symbols that tell the story for you and for the people who come to say goodbye.

Not only is this ceremony to say goodbye, it is also to support the living, to bring comfort and connection to family and friends at a time of need. The tribute will strengthen bonds of connection between all the people your loved one brought together, and the experience will leave you with an uplifting feeling!

Funeral Celebration of Life Pre-Planning or Re-do’s

Perhaps you are planning the service for your own death. We can work with you on that.

We also help support a family through an impending death, creating ceremonial elements for key points along the way. In addition, we offer services of Death and Dying Skills (opens in a new tab) to help the Transition Journey,  and provide as much support as you desire.

The service we offer gives the structure and support that is lacking in our modern society, and is based on the values and beliefs of the person transitioning, and their family. It often includes help and consultation for a family-directed home funeral, especially in the case of children.

It could be that you could benefit from a ‘do over’ celebration of life memorial. Maybe your loved one did not have a memorial or funeral and you wished they had. Or, perhaps you or the family weren’t able to be there, or it was just not representative of what their family and friends needed. Let’s create ceremony that sanctifies this life in a way that can help and heal, no matter how much time has passed.

What we can do for you

As a priestess of ceremonies, ordained minister and spiritual healer, we can assist you by writing and officiating a unique and customized ceremony. We can write and put together the program pamphlet, as well as write the obituary. We are very skilled at writing and putting components of written ceremony together. By collaborating, together we will create a ceremony that is most honoring. We will lead and conduct your ceremony. We take into consideration the individuality of each unique person whom has walked this planet, as well as their supportive community of family and friends. Together we will design a customized and meaningful ceremony that will best honor your deceased loved one. Ceremonies can include anything that was meaningful to the deceased such as favorite songs, musicians, readings, favorite sayings, foods, drinks, and things such as sage smudging, rosemary water anointing, unique altar, displays of slideshows, videos or photo’s of their life. Some Celebration-of-life-ceremonies have included sharing a favorite food, potlucks, letting friends choose memorabilia from some of the deceased’s personal effects. Possibilities are endless as each person who walks the planet leads a unique life.

For a formal personalized service, once you have secured payment for the service, along with signing the online contract, we will have you review the Celebration of Life Checklist prior to our meeting. After we review the checklist, we will meet either in person or on the phone for a 30 minute pre-planning session. We will ask you to either bring or email us your thoughts after you have had time to gather your ideas about what special components your recently deceased would have liked to have incorporated and what best honors them, as well as your feedback from reviewing the checklist of what components of importance that you desire to incorporate. Together we will design a basic layout which should be established determining the length of each part – this will prevent things from dragging on. We will discuss things to consider such as elderly and very young may have difficulty being seated for more than an hour. Thirty minutes is a sufficient length of time, while more than an hour may be too long. You have total control and approval over what is written and how it is delivered. After you approve the final copy, we hold your ceremony at the location of your choice.

Components of Personalized Services

“Life celebration” is a more recent term for a certain kind of memorial service, where the emphasis is on the word “celebration,” and grieving is less the event’s focus. Life celebrations are fresh and unique. They are affairs of laughter and tears, toasts and memorials; the deceased’s favorite movies can be played in the background. Like memorial services, the body is not present at a life celebration, and the event can therefore be held days, weeks, or even months after death.

Each individual and family is unique, and we will make each service a personal tribute to the life that has been lived. Possibilities are endless, and we can help you with ideas that will help fulfill a family’s wishes, from a traditional funeral to a personalized service that truly celebrates a loved one.

The components can be any way you wish. Here are some examples of what others have done, which may help to stimulate ideas for personalizing your service:

• Altar Displays
• Video Tributes
• Photographic Collages
• Displays of personal memorabilia, such as awards, trophies, or favorite pastime items, such as garden tools
• The writing of personal notes by family and friends during the service
• Digital Music or Live musicians
• Special customs particular to different faiths, ethnic groups, and fraternal organizations
• Displays of uniforms and equipment for government employees
• Celebratory party atmosphere, Reception following or instead of the service
• Potluck of favorite foods of the deceased
• Anointing with blessed water, rosemary, sage, smudging
• Calling in Helping Spirits through Shamanic Traditions

We are dedicated to help you create a special tribute to your loved one that will honor a life well-lived. We encourage you to share your ideas, customs and wishes with us so we can make it as special and honoring of an event as possible. We will listen deeply, collaborate on the story of this life and the ceremony elements with you, as well as work with the venue. You will have full control and approval of the ceremony. We will deliver the ceremony and create the keepsake.

Initial consultation: No charge, 30 Minutes. Usually by phone or by meeting in the Rising Heart Healing office, this consult will help us understand the ceremony and if we are a fit to work together.

Travel rates may apply if we travel to you: $50 per round trip hour outside of the Eugene Metro area.

Can You Do it Yourself?

Yes. You can find resources on the internet on Funeral and Memorial Resources. You can find resources on the internet on Funeral and Memorial Resources and turn it into a Living Celebration.

You can also use just some of the services at an hourly rate. We can design the structure and flow, edit what you put together, and help in other ways.

Keep in mind that when it comes to leading a ceremony, it can be so emotional that it hinders your own participation. A celebrant is not only a master of ceremonies (very emotional ones), but holds the space, timing, and comfort of guests in mind. If you are someone who is grieving, we urge you to give this task to an experienced friend or family member (teacher, public speaker, etc.) who will be able to hold the group in ceremony and not suffer from being unable to participate as an observer.

May you find peace and comfort in the support of your family and friends, and in the kindness of loving hearts all around you.

Additional Services Offered:

We offer additional services which you may find to be helpful.

• In some situations, a House Blessing and Clearing may be helpful. This is a way to clear your land, home, office or individual possessions of stagnant energies and create new, positive energy with a blessing ceremony; ridding and letting go of old stagnant energies, can help to rejuvenate those in need.

• We also offer Massage Therapy, including CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexo-Therapy of the feet as well as other modalities of hands on healing.  Receiving body work can be very healing at this time.

Shamanic Counseling is also helpful and available for you and your support team through this time.

• Skilled at writing, we are happy to help you write your personalized obituary and/or ceremony for your celebration of life funeral. Just ask.




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Celebration-of-life funeral announcements:

A celebration-of-life can incorporate personal details into a traditional funeral or memorial service immediately following a death or – if a direct cremation or direct burial is chosen – can be scheduled at a later date. The forum for this celebration can be small and intimate or large and extravagant, with a party or celebratory atmosphere – with many variations in between. However you choose to celebrate a life lived, it’s important to notify others.

If a service is held immediately following a death, then communicating the details quickly and efficiently is important. Some ways to communicate the details are:

Develop a call chain. Ask friends to communicate the details by calling a small group of people and asking them to call others within the same community. If it will be a private event, be sure to include this information too.

Emails and e-invites can be a great tool to invite key people to a celebration-of-life but should only be used if you are sure the intended recipient is already aware of the death. Using email or social networks should never be used to announce the death to close family and friends.

Online Communities Online communities are created for the purpose of celebrating a life lived and sharing service information can be a time-saving tool to use whether communicating details via email or call chain. A community can be created allowing others to check back or receive email alerts when information updates happen. There are several free online services that can be set up quickly and easily by a friend and transferred to a family member to manage later. Friends and family can share photographs, sympathy messages and service details. These services are completely free to use.