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Death, Dying & Beyond

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Support in mapping the journey for the living and the dying.

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. can help support you through your transition from living and through the dying process.  We offer guidance and support to help people gracefully prepare for, and go through the transition of end of life stages.  We not only offer support to people who are actively in the midst of this process, but also for those who are assisting a loved one, or has a loved one that is going through this process.

“Life begins as a precious miraculous gift. A being grows with life, stretching out, experiencing what it is to be in a body, in a mind, and in this sensational and exquisite body, and world. A petal wilts, drops from the rose, a leaf from a tree, a life assured to pass, to end and begin yet a new cycle. Awakening into the present unknown, beyond comprehension of what has been. Change is constant, impermanence. A comfort, change. New moments never the same as the last, nothing stays the same. Formless. A seed begins anew. Joy. Cycles of life, Spirals of transformation. Heart opening liberation.”  L. Burtraw

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In an overwhelming impending death, people can be helped through the journey, by working together to create a map of what lies ahead. Rising Heart Healing, LLC. will work together with you on this Transition Journey, and can include Shamanic components to create ceremonial elements for key points along the way. A Transition Journey gives the structure and support that is lacking in our modern society, and is based on the guidance of helping spirits and the values and beliefs of the transitioning person and their family.

We include many components to help with healing, and to heighten you awareness into the presence of the bitter sweet moments at hand. We will address nutritional support components such as with body work, massage and hands on healing, and music, art, writing, integrating with nature, and in some cases travel for healing, to recharge and create lasting memories for the ones you will leave behind.  We can also help you clear any stagnant energy in your home environment with a, “house clearing,” which may re-liven the atmosphere. This service often includes consultation and assistance for drawing out a  family-directed home funeral – celebration of life ceremony, especially in the case of children, as well as bereavement support for loved ones during and after a transition.

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. offers services to assist and empower you with pre-planning any and all components of your transitionary end of life planning needs, such as writing your own celebration of life funeral or living ceremony, your wishes for how and where you would like your family and friends to scatter your ashes if cremation is what you are planning, and or your obituary.  All of these decisions can be documented and set up ahead of time, much like your will or living trust, giving you peace of mind ahead of time, so that you know your wishes will be set up ahead of time for your friends and family and your wishes will be truly represented, portrayed and carried out.  This takes the pressure and burden off of your loved ones so they will know exactly what you would like to have done after you are gone.

My Experience, My Story

By Lisa L. Burtraw
There are many stories which any of our ministers can share. My experience prompted me to offer healing’s in this way to the community goes like this: I came to the side of my friend Steve who was a teacher and musician when he was in need and struggling with brain cancer. I became a part of a care team of close friends of his, and we bonded for life. During the time of his last year, I spent  most of my extra hours with him outside of work. We loved him up, had long visits, took him on trips, we took him to doctor appointments, made sure he had healthy food to eat, helped him with getting his medications, through a final CD release party for him, and helped him to laugh dance and smile. We even did a House Cleansing, which seemed to perk him up more and extend time. We gave him an amazing last time of his life.

At the very end of his life, the final days, he only wanted two people dear to him by his side, and one was I. We made the house beautiful, created altars, played ongoing beautiful peaceful music, and attended to him with our hearts wide open. He had decided to use the Death with Dignity medication when he felt it was time, and we helped him through this. This was a profound and very personal experience for me. It was difficult at times, and very sad to see him go. And, after that, life was never the same for me; I felt changed, and missed my friend.

After he passed, we took care of his final business, and taking care of the funeral arrangements to celebrate his life. Grievance counselors helped us through the whole process, which I found quite helpful. After that, I he gave me a big thank you though a message. He also contacted me in other ways that were very surprising, affirming to me that it is absolutely possible for those who enter the spirit world to be able to contact and communicate with us through dreams and physical form.

A few weeks afterwards, the two of us who were with him in the final hours, were gifted and taken to Maui for a trip with friends from the care circle. This was truly a gift and was instrumental in helping us to relax, decompress, recharge and refuel.

Our circle continues to be unbroken, we are tight nit and annually get together upon our friend’s remembrance honoring the date he passed. This has been going on now for over 10 years now.

The gift from helping my friend through though his transition has given me the strength and experience to help others go through this process. This will happen to everyone we know, including ourselves.

An end-of-life time can be an awakening of extra-ordinary experiences.”

Working together, you will reclaim your power to be truly present in the moments during the transition between living and dying. We will make it as beautiful an experience as possible for everyone involved.

You Don’t Know What to Do

Someone you love is dying. You’ve been down a long road of caring for him or her, and now the terrain is changing. You see that it’s time to plan and sort things out, a time to make decisions.

Or, maybe it is you who is the one nearing the end of your physical existence and you need loving and caring guidance.

But you are tired, overwhelmed and very sad. You don’t know what to do, what’s right and what’s not, what’s legal, what is possible. You can’t begin to sort out what fits for your unique situation.

You don’t even want to think about it, even though it’s time and there’s no way around it.  You are looking into the face of what is inevitable for all of us.

You are Not Alone

You do not need to go through this journey alone. We can bring a great deal of clarity and even comfort into this difficult situation. We’ll listen closely and together, figure this out.

We’ll come up with a map, with guideposts along the way. We’ll find all the places that feel treacherous or terrifying, and into those places we’ll find safety and support. We’ll use what matters most to you, with the kind of ceremony, ritual and guidance that fits. We’ll map this as far as it needs to go.

Figuring it Out, One Step at a Time

We’ll take this a step at a time, starting right here and now. Remember, you are not alone.

We’ll figure out what will make this end of life as you know it, a good transition, and this death a Good Death, and how to make sure that happens as much as possible given the circumstances.

You will not walk alone across the Death Bridge. We will find and call upon the things that support and hold you – as you move closer to it, as you cross over, you on this side and your loved one on the other.

You may find it helpful to create a care circle of friends to help you through this time. And when it gets closer to what you feel your transition time may be, you may choose to host a celebration before you pass so your friends and family can enjoy you in the living verses after your passing. Or, you may wish to do both.

This death, which is inescapable, the transition and time leading up to your final last breath can become something beautiful. We can help to set you on a path of grieving knowing you brought light into a dark and scary place.

Additional Services Offered:

We offer additional services which you may find to be helpful.

• In some situations, a house clearing or blessing may be helpful. This is a way to clear your land, home, office or individual possessions of stagnant energies and create new, positive energy with a blessing ceremony; ridding and letting go of old stagnant energies, can help to rejuvenate those in need.

• Rising Heart Healing, LLC. also offers massage therapy services including CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexo-Therapy of the feet, as well as other modalities of hands on healing to hospice patients at a special rate; for the 5th session, receive an hour free of charge. Receiving body work can be very healing at this time.  More info… 

• Shamanic Counseling is also helpful and available for you and your support team through this time.

• Skilled at writing, we are happy to help you write your personalized obituary and/or ceremony for your celebration of life funeral. Just ask.

Click here to view an obituary written by Lisa L. Burtraw of Rising Heart Healing, LLC.





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