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Whole Body Brain Healing Qi Gong is based on Chinese Medical Theory. Discover the path to greater health, vitality and healing. Learn to develop your own practice of this ancient art of internal energy cultivation for self healing. Use the techniques, theory and practice to heal and optimize your own health.

Instructors and Credentials:

Barclay PowersBarclay Powers is an author and futurist filmmaker. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies from Columbia University and has an extensive background as an independent scholar. He has studied Chinese, Tibetan and Indian meditation, yoga and martial arts traditions for more than 30 years. Powers is currently releasing multiple media projects worldwide in film and print, related to the evolution of consciousness based on his studies with numerous masters of ancient wisdom traditions. His most recent film, The Lost Secret of Immortality, based on his book, won best spiritual/religious/Christian film at the Great Lakes International Film Festival, 2012, the Silver Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival, 2012 and best spiritual documentary at the New York International Film Festival, 2011. See his website at www.lostsecretofimmortality.com for information on the book, graphic novel and film. And visit Integralworld.net to view his articles.

Lisa BurtrawLisa Burtraw has been offering her services as a full time Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994, and has been trained in an array of integrative modalities. She received training and certification as a CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute in 1998, and has held a Chiropractic Assistant license since 2006.  Lisa’s life is devoted to healing, spiritual growth and awareness. Assisting others to become more present and pain free in their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, is her intention. She is a conduit for change, helping those who are seeking transformation from their pain body into a feeling of ease and freedom. Raising consciousness levels through inner and outer healing touch is a gift she offers to her community.