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We welcome everyone! We do not discriminate and are honored to work with people of all spiritual beliefs, religions and genders, including those of the LBGT community. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. Everyone deserves to love and be loved!

How it Works:

We have several amazing officiants to choose from!  View pictures and read bio’s, then decide which minister you like best. Our ministers will travel! (travel fees apply).

Then, email or call to find out who is available for your date. Talk via phone, text or online chat (the contact information is located at the top and bottom of our site). If you are able to, the minister would love to meet with you in person for about 30 minutes to discuss your wedding ceremony and logistics, and to hear your visions and understand how they can be of service. Please check out our unique questionnaire designed to help you think about your ceremony. We ask that you look it over, fill it out and bring it to your meeting, or simply use it as a helpful tool.

You decide which service works best for you!

Together we will design and orchestrate an unforgettable ceremony!

Day of ceremony:  You bring the documents to the ceremony.  Directly following ceremony, the officiate will orchestrate the signing process with you and your witnesses; this is a great photo opportunity!

The officiate will handle everything from there on for your peace of mind, from supervising the signing process to ensuring and verifying that your documents have been processed and handled correctly at the court house the following business week.  The documents will be either hand delivered or US mailed following the next business day; a week later you can contact the courthouse to request a legal copy of your marriage certificate, which they will US mail to you.

Soon our ministers will be located throughout the globe!  If you are a minister, and would like to work for Rising Heart Healing, LLC, please inquire via our Contact page.

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Recommitment & Anniversary Ceremonies

Rite of Passage



Here you can see all Officiants available through our network.

Ceremonial Services

These ceremonies are rite of passages into sacred union. We specialize in designing, planning, writing and co-creating unique custom ceremonies.  We help you create a magical experience that will be illuminate and remembered.  We will co-create a ceremony for your wedding day that will be a beautiful and memorable experience.  Offering more than usual officiant services, we love to custom write and assist you with your ceremony, location, vows and music, as well as other details.  You have total control and approval over what is written and how your ceremony is designed.

Ceremony & Reception Direction

We not only officiate, but also coordinate your entire Wedding Rehearsal, and guide the entire wedding party through the procession, ceremony and recession, giving you peace of mind, and letting you focus on the real meaning of your union.

  • Rehearsal – We will officiate your ceremony, and also direct the procession/recession.  We will go through as many practice runs as needed with your wedding party and honored guests. This includes prelude, processional, recessional, where to stand (spacing), how to stand (etiquette), responsibilities, and timing coordination with music.
  • Ceremony and Reception Direction – We will coordinate your entire event from guest arrival through the grand exit.

Sacred Ceremonies

Your ceremonies can be any way you dream them to be. We have a gift of planning, writing and officiating beautifully customized, unique and meaningful ceremonies, and together we will create a sacred ceremony that is perfect for you.

We can write poems, songs and prayers for weddings, as we tap into the bottomless well of longing for the divine beloved through Her priestesses and priests. Our favorite inspiring sources are Rumi, Kahlil Gibran as well as the many other mystical poets from around the planet throughout the ages, who have tapped into the divine to help us all return here!  The deepest longing for us all is to return to the highest state of grace we have experienced and proceed forward from there.

To view footage from the first sacred ceremony Lisa L. Burtraw officiated in 1999, watch now  Roger & Becky’s Wedding Part 1 and Part 2.

Upon review of the Ceremony Planning Questionnaire, which was designed to help plan your ceremony, you can view many options of ceremonial elements that you can include such as Unity Candle, Wine, Rose, Sand, or Family Union rituals, as well as, calling in helping spirits,” through Shamanism or Paganism. We also offer Native American traditions of, “Blending of Spirits,” and the Celtic Tradition of Hand Fasting. We can even create our own unique ceremonial element.  The ceremonies can be of love and friendship, earth & elemental, spirit/God, and or Christian based. All various denominations will be respected, honored and represented as requested. The ways in which we can create ceremony really are endless, as each person and each couple brings uniqueness forward.

As an option, some couples may want ceremony without the involvement of the government. Commitment Ceremonies can be sealed by creating your own commitment certification to each other, which we can help to create, rather than filing it through the legal system.

As Ceremonial Designers

We help you customize, design and carry out the plan of your ceremony.  We can write a ceremony that is unique and meaningful to you, with any components you feel fitting.  We can research ancient traditions and combine to modern traditions.  We can assist you with the procession; we can create our own plan.  We will help you set the mood of the ceremony by selecting themes, costuming, music – DJ’s/musicians, caterers (associated with the actual ceremony), readings, poetry and props.

Considerations to include children

This is a time that children need to feel and be included. Consider including your children in ceremony by speaking vows of commitment, love, respect and protection to them. This can be especially helpful for new families where step children are involved, or for couples who have created children together whom are going through ceremony for the first time, as well as vow renewal ceremonies with families involving children. If the children are old enough, they can speak their vows back to you, or write your vows for you.

This can help the children to feel included and considered as important family members, and it will help to grow and strengthen the bonds of love, respect and commitment within your whole family and it will create and set a healthy foundation for family dynamics to come. If you have children, we can include them in a variety of ways in the ceremony, such as to light a unity candle with you, showing your family togetherness. And for expecting brides, it can be an honoring element to acknowledge your unborn child into the ceremony.

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. Limitations

We will not perform a ceremony after alcohol, intoxicants or hallucinagentics have been consumed. People who are obviously intoxicated will need to remove themselves for during the time of the ceremony conduction, or we will need to leave before or during the ceremony. Nor can we perform a ceremony in an area where tobacco smoke is prevalent. Alcohol or other recreational effects after the ceremony is not an issue.

Unique Additional Services

Ask for a list of our favorite professionals:  Venues, caterers, photographers, musicians, places, gifts, jewelers, beauticians, unique attributes.

Consider gifting the couple, the bride, mother, wedding party or others? Gift Certificates are available here!

Pre- or post- marital Shamanic Counseling Support combined with Astrology ~ A proactive approach to maintaining healthy relationships, at the per hour rate.

Table massage for the couple, mother of the bride, or anyone in the wedding party before or after the wedding date, at per hour rate.

Chair massage on day of rehearsal, wedding day during pre-ceremony time to help the wedding crew and parents relax, or during the post wedding celebration to include guests. Massages will be in 15 minute increments with time allowance up to your desired amount, at the rate of $20.00 per 15 minutes.

Spa Treatments: Galvanic Spa Renewing Lymphatic Facial Treatment, The Ultimate Pedicure, Galvanic Spa Lymphatic Body Treatments.

House Blessing and Clearing:  Prepare your land or home by creating new and positive energy with a blessing ceremony.

Scheumack Broom Company

Power animal retrievals for your wedding party gifts? This can be helpful to decide on gifts that are really fitting & special. This can also be a nice way for the bride & groom to gift each other. Some brides have been known to give their bridesmaids necklaces with their power animal on them.  For weddings, we charge a total of $45.00 for power animal retrievals for helping you with whom all you want to gift.

Wedding Invitations – Contact DesignRuby at designruby@yahoo.com

Free Renewal of Wedding Vows Printable Certificates

Travel at a Distance

We are willing to be flown or travel globally and/or remotely, as long as our travel expenses are covered by you.

Please consider the extra time needed for ceremonies at a distance, which are beyond a 20-minute drive from your chosen minister’s based location.

Travel Rates are as follows: $50.00 per hour / $200.00 for half day / $400.00 for full day.

Rising Heart Healing, LLC. accepts Visa and debit cards with Square or PayPal at a 2.75% convenience fee.